Visionplus felt the importance of ERP very early and it came up with hitch solution of (ERP)
Companies that try to win competitive advantage have to focus on each and every function. Attaining internal efficiency lays the basis of reduced cost, quality control, increase productivity and removal of waste, the result is higher customer satisfaction, business growth and greater profits. This was the basic idea behind Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Salient Features: Visionplus Enterprise Resource planning system consists of following integrated modules:
- Administration /Security
- Financial Accounting system
- Import Management system
- Inventory Management system (Raw material &Finished Goods)
- Human Resource Management system
- Production Management System
- (PPC)
- Sale Management system

In these days true ERP is only in the reach of just a few companies of top rank in the world. ERP has helped these companies attain and maintain this level of success. The basic purpose of Visionplus (ERP) Solution is to make available this system to small, medium and large companies so that they can get the fullest benefit of this unique product.Visionplus (ERP) Solution is ideal choice for those who respect knowledge sharing and want transparency and clarity of information. It is for those companies that want quick information retrieval, decreased pressure of documentation, improved production quality and removal of wastage from each and every business activity. It provides an excellent control to senior and middle level managers by providing a bird’s eye view of the whole organization.

Why Visionplus (ERP) Solution?

Visionplus Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) Solution is ideal choice for any organization because:
- It is a typical example of a flexible system that can be deployed anywhere from production to service oriented organizations.
- It can easily add/remove modules according to need and choice of user.
- Its cost is very reasonable.
- It provides full control of all the activities to top level management.
- It has a proven record of remarkable growth and profit generation for the organizations where it was implemented.

Scope Of ERP/Advantages

Vision Plus ERP delivers a single database that contains all data for the software modules, which would include:
• A totally integrated system .
• The ability to streamline different processes and workflows
• The ability to easily share data across various departments in an organization
• Improved efficiency and productivity levels
• Better tracking and forecasting
• Lower costs
• Improved customer service
• Integrate Financial Information
• Integrate Customer Order Information and Store Customer History
• Streamline the manufacturing process
• Standardizing HR Information
• Store and Analyze productivity information for employees and facilities
• Allow inter-departmental process monitoring and reporting
• Reports with data from across the organization
• Allow Marketing and Management to monitor and analyze all stages required to provide the clients with the client with products and services
• Allow users limited and monitored access to data across the organization according to needs.
• ERP: Beneficial for the Management, Marketing and Employees

  • • Engineering
  • • Bills Of material
  • • Scheduling
  • • Capacity
  • • Workflow Management
  • • Quality Control
  • • Cost Management
  • • Manufacturing Process
  • • Manufacturing Projects
  • • Manufacturing Flow
Supply Chain Managment:
  • • Order To Cash
  • • Inventory
  • • Order Entry
  • • Purchasing
  • • Product Configuration
  • • Supply Chain Planning
  • • Supplier Scheduling
  • • Insepection Of Goods
  • • Claim Processing
  • • Commesion Calculation
  • • General Ladger
  • • Cash Management
  • • Accounts Payable
  • • Accounts Recievable
  • • Fixed Assests
Project Management:
  • • Costing
  • • Billing
  • • Time and Expense
  • • Performance Units
  • • Activity Management
Human Resources:
  • • Human Resources
  • • Payroll
  • • Training
  • • Time and Attendance
  • • Rostering
  • • Benefitsion
  • • Sales and Marketing
  • • Commissions
  • • Services
  • • Customer Call Center Support
Data Warehouse:
  • • Various self Services
  • • Interfaces for Customers
  • • Suppliers
  • • Employees
Access Control:
  • • User Privilege
  • • Authority Levels
  • • Process Execution
  • • Meet the Extension
  • • Addition
  • • Change in Process Flow