Customer Oriented Companies believe in building long term relationships with their customers. Satisfaction of customers is always among their top priorities. Because of this thus they tend to focus on customer relationship management (CRM).The idea of customer relationship management is not very old. It was discovered in the last decade but companies always find it difficult to follow its rules. No doubt, the concept of CRM is attractive and understandable but when it comes to implementation, it fails or proves to be inefficient.Information technology has found the cure of this problem; CRM is now not just an imagination of a creative mind but it is a reality. Now companies can feel its presence like their assets.Visionplus can proudly claim its contributions to the implementation of CRM. Our CRM takes care of your customers by managing leads, potential clients and related contacts. Moreover, it can generate quotations, orders, invoices and most importantly reports.The system is extremely flexible and it not only manages your client base but the system is so flexible that it can also manage support activities that help make a new customer a repeat customer who could become your repeat customer to advocate even your partner.

Salient Features: Leads, Potentials, Contacts, Activities, Calendars, Products, Services, Notes, Help Desk, Quotations, Orders, Invoices, E-mails, Calendar, Calculator:

This CRM is the best option available because Why Visionplus CRM?

• It is a flexible solution; can run on any platform, it is easily customizable; it is open for changes to meet future demands and it is able to integrate with other systems.
• It has support activities also along with customer centric activities thus automating the whole process.
• It is an intelligent system that helps you foresee the future thus helping you shape vision of your business.
• It has an excellent reporting system that lets user generate reports by creating relationships with one or more entities with duration of his/her choice.
• It is available in both web and desktop applications